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Engineered to perfection and cater to major global players

By doing everything in-house – design, engineering, casting, ring-rolling, heat treatment and machining – we integrate our capabilities to deliver superior products with shortest lead-time.Therefore, when it comes to innovation, precision and customization, our offerings are both unique and best in class.

Casting Products

ProductsFinished Machine WeightMachining RangeMaterial Grade
Main Frame/Bed Plate for Nacelle Assembly10-15 MTL x W x H = 4200 X 3500 X 1500Ductile iron
Rotor Hub for Nacelle Assembly8-15 MT L x W x H = 2700 X 2700 X 2900Ductile iron
Rotor Shafts 5 -10 MTNADuctile iron
Gearbox Housing 2-6 MTNAGrey iron
Gas Engine / Generator frame5-20 MTL x W x H = 2700 X 2700 X 2900Ductile iron
Planetary Carrier3-5 MTNADuctile iron
Small Castings 2-5 MTNADuctile / Grey iron

Forging Products

Finished Machine Weight Machining Range Material Grade
Tower FlangesOD: 500 mm – 5,000 mmOD & ID: 2mm, Height: 1mm, PCD: 1mm, Hole position: Ø0.5mmStructural steel S355J2/ S355NL
Bearing RingsOD: 500 mm – 2,400 mmOD, ID & Height: 0.3mm, PCD: 0.5mm, Flatness: 0.2mm, Hole position: Ø0.3mm, Surface Finish: Ra 3.2 µm42CrMo4, 18NiCrMo14-6, 100CrMnMoSi8-4-6, 46Cr4
Forging Rings for Ring Gears/Other Geared ProductsOD: Up to 2,400 mmOD, ID & Height: 0.3mm, Flatness: 0.2mm AISI 4330, AISI 4340H (VAR), 21CrMoNiV4-7, SS410, SS415, SS420, SS310, SS316L, HR120
Connector Forgings20 Inch or biggerOD, ID & Height: 0.3mm, Flatness: 0.2mmAISI 4130H & low carbon steels
Other RingsOD: 500 mm – 5,000 mmOD & ID: 2mm, Height: 1mm High alloy steel, MDN250, 15CDV6, AB2PKM