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A genuine concern for our environment has led us to establish systems that ensure good quality of air and water through efficient treatment of all effluents. The use of natural gas in our furnace and other heat treatment facilities is another step towards being environmentally conscious. Besides this, we have dedicated green belts that encourage air purification within the premises.

Stack Details

  • HT furnace stacks (S – 2 & 3), height: 50 metres
  • RHF Stack (S – 1), height: 50 metres
  • Masonry ducts with baffles, height: 90 metres
  • DG Set 1 & 2 (1010 KVA each) (S – 4&5), height: 25 metres
  • ETP and STP plant

Hazardous Waste Control

We ensure all hazardous wastes are carefully stored, handled and disposed in compliance with local pollution control laws. Some of the measures we practise include:

  • TP waste is disposed to TSDF developed by NECL, State Government
  • Waste & Residue from painting and waste/residue contaminated with oil is disposed to common incineration facility developed by NECL, State Government
  • Used oil is reused within the premises or sold to authorized re-refiner
  • Discarded containers are reused within the premises or sold to authorized end user
  • Hazardous Materials Storage Roomwith impervious flooring and adequate leachate collection system connected to ETP inlet